Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Obligatory Summer Porch Post

I haven't written much about Porch Nights in the past several years, not because they haven't happened, but because I have been lazy, busy, or experiencing writer's lock (lots of the latter going on, in all honesty).

This past weekend, we hosted a group of friends and family for dinner on the porch, followed by a concert featuring Collin Raye. How did we manage that, you might ask? Simple: the local sweet corn festival contracted with the band for its concert, which, just happened to take place in the park less than a block from- and withing eyesight of- our house. So, we got to enjoy the music at a volume that still allowed for conversation, all while sitting in comfortable chairs with good food, drinks, and a restroom that wasn't a porta-potty shared by the masses.

Several of our guests are friends from out of town (the daughter of one of Oscar's best friends, her husband, and another couple who we were meeting for the first time), but we also visited with Mom, Oscar, Emily, the Man-Cub, Shanti, Shanti's bestie, Frankie, and with Shanti's parents. The porch was full, which is just how I Like it (Hugh and the menfolk retired to Hugh's Man Gazebo, where they smoked fine Cuban cigars and sipped on good whiskey while enjoying the fire pit; the Man Gazebo is to Hugh what the porch is to me).

This weekend, Queen B and I will be using the porch for Miss Mia's bridal shower. Next weekend, I will be using it for a wine sampling party with Mama Jill and company, and, the following week we will have the Bon Voyage party for Erin and Kristi. Obviously, we are getting a lot of use out of the porch that Hugh said we would never use.

Also; never letting him live that down.

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