Saturday, September 16, 2023

Friday Favorite, September 15th Edition

I'm a day late posting this because, yesterday, I was busy getting my ass kicked by our Barn Dance fundraiser. That is a whole 'nother story for another day. Today, I'm talking about the awesome going away gift that Erin and Kristi gave me. Why did they give me a going away gift, when they are the ones going away, you ask? Because the gift consists of all the things that I will need when I go to visit them, hopefully very soon.

Before I get to the gift, though, I should mention that, technically, only Erin is going away at the moment; Kristi will be staying with us for a while yet, as her spousal visa is still in processing somewhere, in the wonderful world of bureaucracy. Again; story for another day.

The gift bag they gave me is full of awesome stuff, including everything that I will need on the long flight to the UK.

Travel sized product bottles, make-up wipes, an eye mask, and some packages of liquid hydration, as well as the cutest luggage tags and an organizer for my travel documents.

They also included a travel diary, so I can write all about our adventures, an umbrella (because it rains a lot in Wales, in case you hadn't heard), and some stickers that I can use when I scrapbook the trip.

It was all so thoughtful! I can't wait to use it all, hopefully very soon. Thinking about visiting the girls takes the sting out of how much I'm going to miss having them just right up the road.

But only a little bit.

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