Friday, September 22, 2023

Friday Favorites, September 22 Edition

Ok, when I said I was determined to post a Friday Favorites post every week this month, I didn't mean they would be the only posts I write this month, yet, it appears that this is the case. 

All is not lost, I do still have a week left to pull a few out of my ass. We'll see.

In the meanwhile, here are some things that are making me smile this week, including the bouquet that I picked at the flower farm last Sunday. Mom and I were determined to visit the farm one more time before the fields were spent, and I'm happy that we made it happen.

I'm also loving the roses around my porch; they are in their final bloom of the year, and, the final bloom is always my favorite.

Tomorrow, summer ends and autumn begins, which means that I will no longer be displaying my Halloween decorations "too early". This is good news, because I am already 100% decorated inside, and, Hugh is gathering the supplies we need for the outside display. I'm also just about to start burning my favorite Halloween candle; I've purchased this Wicked fragrance from Fragrant Jewels at least seven years, running (maybe more), and it always say's "Halloween" to me.

Boomer Dog is also in the autumn spirit! He's rocking a new bandanna and he has zero regrets.

In addition to being the first day of autumn, tomorrow is also the Man-Cub's 25th birthday, which, simply blows my mind. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was 25? Time flies.

And, my son will forever be a favorite. He and the daughter-in-love are camping this weekend, which means we won't see him on his actual birthday, but we plan on celebrating with him on Sunday.

Tomorrow, Mom, Hugh, Kristi, and I are going to spend the morning at Pickin' at the Pea, which is also one of my favorite things to do, so; there will be plenty of things for me to write about in new posts.


I swear.

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