Sunday, September 03, 2023

You Know It's a Good Party When It Takes an IV to Recover

Two, in fact. Not for me, but for Queen B, who attempted to quell her anxiety about giving her Maid of Honor speech with tequila. I could have told her that was a bad idea, but some lessons just need to be learned the hard way.

Prior to her self-poisoning, Queen B looked absolutely beautiful as she walked the aisle in support of Miss Mia, who, it should be noted, was just about the prettiest bride I've ever seen.

The entire bridal party was gorgeous, in all honesty, and, while I didn't get any pictures of them; the groom and his groomsmen were none too shabby, themselves.

The entire wedding party showed up to, well, party. Hard. In fact, once the official ceremony concluded, they were off and running. Queen B was not alone in her hangover, is what I'm saying.

Hugh and I had a great time, too. We danced more than we have danced in years, and, surprisingly, I am less sore today than I feared I might be.

The only failure of the evening was our failure to get a picture of the three of us together, but, Queen B had already headed to the bridal salon to vomit the contents of her entire body into an empty White Claw box, wrapped in a trash bag. We raised a classy one.

All kidding aside, she really is a remarkable young woman. She's been the Maid of Honor twice this summer, traveling for two bachelorettes, one shower, and two weddings, not to mention the 60th anniversary party that we threw for Oscar and Emily, and a funeral for the uncle of one of her best friends. Oh, and she changed jobs during all of that. She's just about over traveling and is looking forward to spending some time feathering her own nest. Rightfully, so.

We're still incredibly happy that her travels brought her home so much this summer, though; because we're selfish like that. 

Hugh didn't even mind hooking her up to the IV this afternoon; he was just happy that he could put his new EMT skills to use making his baby feel better. Hopefully, it's not something that she needs again anytime soon, but you have to give the kid credit for a most amazing puke and rally at the wedding.

That's my girl.

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