Monday, October 23, 2023

Halloween House Tour 2023

It's almost Halloween, which means it's almost time to take down my Halloween decorations; the prospect of which makes me sad, every year. It's ok, though, they've been up since the beginning of September, and, I've got Thanksgiving decor to put out, so I'll live.

Besides, I'll always have pictures to remind me of this season and of the fun things that we managed to do during it. Which reminds me; it's time for this year's house tour! While not a lot changes year-to-year, in terms of what I own; I do try to switch up the placement and use of each item (and, let's be honest; I get a few new pieces each year, as well as rotating out older, lesser-used pieces).

As usual, a witch's wardrobe greets visitors in the foyer, and, this year, a colony of bats has joined the fun. 

Moving into the living room, you'll see all of Hugh's jack-o-lanterns displayed on the entertainment center. Hugh carved the pumpkins over the course of a decade when the kids were small and each one bears a special message from him, as well as the year it was carved.

The entertainment center provides plenty of space for me to display my collection of vintage-inspired knick-knacks, as well.

Each year, I try to create a unique display for the fireplace mantle; this year I added a new piece from Michael's, although, the bust was completely sold out in our area stores, so I had to cough up a lung for it online. I have zero regrets.

Moving into the dining room, you'll see the table set for a spooky dinner party, two of which I have hosted this year (the first was the Supper Club party I hosted last week, and then I had Mom, Oscar, Emily, the Man-Cub, and the Daughter-in-Love over for dinner last night).

The wine buffet in the dining room was the perfect spot for a witch's kitchen; many a spell has been cast, I'm sure.

We'll end the tour in my kitchen, where a trio of witches' hats line up on the window sill and a cat and a bat round out the decorations.

It's a lot of stuff, I know. But, I'm sure you can understand why it makes me sad to think about putting it all away, and, not just because it's a ton of work, although, there is that.

Anyhoodle, I still need to post the porch decorations, but, that can be a post for another day (and not because I am stretching it out because I lack for content. Ok,'s totally that).

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