Monday, October 02, 2023

On Golden Pond

Does anyone remember that movie? As I recall, it was depressing as hell, so, you may be thinking that's a terrible title for this post, but, I promise the post is not depressing, and, it does take place on a golden pond, so...I could have come up with a worse title.

Anyhoodle, for years now, I have envisioned doing a rowboat photo shoot on the small pond in the park in Petticoat Junction. I've photographed the pond multiple times and have just always felt strongly that there needed to be a rowboat on it in the fall. A rowboat with a cute couple aboard, to be exact.

Enter the Man-Cub and the Daughter-in-Love, who are great sports and who enthusiastically agreed to help make my vision a reality (thanks also go to Hugh; who painted his old duck hunting boat, transforming it from a camouflaged nightmare into a serviceable dream boat).

While the color on the trees in the park leaves something to be desired (as an aside: weirdest fall, ever. The trees in the valley are still mostly green and the trees in the high country just recently peaked, which is several weeks late); the Man-Cub and Daughter-in-Love were simply glowing.

I just adore these two. And, not just because they humor my crazy ideas, although, there is that.

Next on our agenda? The crazy ghost photo shoots that are going viral on TikTok right now. I mean, why not?

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