Thursday, October 19, 2023

Well, At Least I'm Not Phoning It In

I have been pretty terrible at updating this space. In my defense, my life has been pretty quiet, and; I personally find it super annoying when I click onto a blog just to read a post about how the author is too busy to update, but, hey! Thanks for stopping by! 

I mean, why bother?

So, clearly I haven't. Bothered.

Anyhoodle, there have been a few events in life that are worth sharing, hence this here post. So, let's get started!

Kristi finally got the notification that her VISA had been approved on Thursday, October 5th. The UK embassy overnighted the VISA, and, Kristi had it in her hot little hands Friday morning. She flew out of Hooterville on the first flight out Saturday morning, and, after changing planes in Denver, Toronto, and Luxembourg; she finally landed in Manchester Sunday evening. Upon landing, she hopped in a hired car and made the two hour drive to the small village in Wales that she and Erin will call home for the foreseeable future.

Since arriving, she and Erin have toured several castles, as well as the other small villages surrounding their own. They are really happy and I am so happy for them. I miss them like crazy, but that can't be helped.  

With the girls off on their new adventure, it occurred to me that I needed to step up my social game. Luckily, I have the Supper Club ladies (see previous post), and Jules, who lives less than an hour away, although; she works out of town during the week, so, technically, she only lives an hour away on the weekends. Still! She's so close!

This past weekend, we met up for shopping, dinner, and a visit to what was billed as a haunted corn maze. Spoiler: it was not haunted. Nothing jumped out of the rows to chase us; no axe-wielding psychopath, no life-sized Chucky doll waving a bloody knife, not even a clearly less than undead zombie. In fact, the only thing running in that corn maze was my nose. Thanks, seasonal allergies!

Were we disappointed? Not really. In addition to us, we had the Man-Cub and the Daughter-in-Love along, as well as Jules' boy toy, so we were in good company. And, I ended the night with a bag of kettle corn, so, all in all, it was a pretty great way to spend a Saturday evening in the fall.

In totally different news; the weather is changing and it is finally time to put the garden to bed. I already harvested a lot of beets, several of which I gave to Mom to pickle. I also harvested the majority of my basil and processed it with olive oil for freezing. 

I pulled six large butternut squash off the vines, plus one that had grown through the wires on the trellis, which required me to cut in half in order to harvest (I diced it and threw it in the freezer). There are still five butternuts on the vine and I am hoping they will be ready this weekend, because I need to pull the vines out, completely. I also need to pull up the last of the tomato plants, peppers, and the last rogue basil plant; then my gardening will be done for another year.

I had hoped to have a greenhouse in by now, but; Hugh has thrown up roadblock after roadblock (as a sidenote; This coming  spring, I will be taking a page from his Procurement of Substantial Cash Purchases Utilizing Joint Marital Funds playbook by purchasing the damn thing first and telling him about it, later. Preferably upon delivery).

Anyway, that's a little bit of what's been going on around here. I know it's not much, but at least I didn't ask anyone to jump over to my Instagram for a Day in the Life rather than writing a post. For the record; I also hate it when bloggers do that. 

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