Monday, October 16, 2023

What a Spooktacular Night

Late this summer, Mama Jill, her daughters, the Daughter-in-Love, and I met for a wine tasting on the porch. During the event, we discussed the possibility of starting a Supper Club, which would entail each of us hosting a monthly get-together for the purpose of breaking bread and solving the world's problems. Or, something like that.

We agreed that the hostess would set the theme and that we would each dress for it appropriately. The hostess would provide the main dish and we would each be responsible for either a side, dessert, or the drinks.

I volunteered to host the first supper, choosing October. This gave me a perfect excuse for using the plethora of Halloween dishes that I currently owned, as well as a suitable excuse for purchasing more (just kidding, Hugh! I didn't buy anything new (lies)!).

I chose a witching theme, and let everyone know that I would be serving ghoulash. The rest of the menu consisted of creepy deviled eggs (Mama Jill), a Halloween themed Caprese salad featuring skulls made from Mozarella (Bethany), a spook-cuterie board (Frankie, who is the Daughter-in-Love's bestie), witch hat Mozarella rolls (the Daughter-in-Love), and a delicious witches brew as well as wine served from a jack-o-lantern (Tessa).  

Friday night, we donned our witch hats and gathered around the table to do exactly what we had envisioned: break bread and solve the world's problems. It was a fabulous way to spend the evening and we can't wait to do it again next month, when Tessa will be hosting a comfort food themed evening.

You can bet I'm already brainstorming my contribution; mac'n'cheese, anyone? 

Anyhoodle, here is a photo dump of the evening, in case you, too, wish to host your fellow witchy women at a meal.   

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