Monday, October 30, 2023

Skeletons 2023: Sleepy Hollow Meets Salem

This year's outside display is a lot less intense than the displays of years past; this is partly by design and partly due to pure laziness on my part. The good news is; less intense doesn't equate to boring, so, without further adieu, I bring you...

Sleepy Hollow, featuring the headless horseman and Ichabod Crane.

The skeleton horse was the inspiration for the display, which, was not exactly great news for Hugh, who not only had to assemble the thing, but will have to wrestle it back into the box that it came in come November 1st. It's ok, though; he was a great sport about it (otherwise, he wouldn't have also agreed to build a small replica of Sleepy Hollow bridge out of pallets).

The display looks great at night, but you'll have to mostly take my word for it because I have been terribly lax in photographing it at night.****

Since I didn't bust out as many skeletons as I usually do, I decided to give my animated witches  the spotlight on the porch, which, brings us to the next stop on our tour: Salem, circa 1692.

In between Sleepy Hollow and Salem lies a cematary, naturally.

And, that about does it for the outdoor decorations this year. As I've said, it's a lot less crazy than we've done traditionally, but, the forecast for the rest of this week calls for freezing temperatures, so I'm not really regretting the decision; taking everything down in the cold is not something I want to spend doing one minute more than is absolutely necessary.

Happy Halloween 2023!


Hugh came home early to set up his three (yes, THREE) fog machines, so it would be wrong not to share the photos that we captured as the fog rolled across the yard, down the road, and up to half a block away. It was pretty awesome and it drew Trick-or-Treaters to our yard like a siren song.


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