Monday, March 18, 2024

Weekend Wrap-up

When last we spoke, I was headed out the door, on my way to the day spa for a facial. On my way there, I grabbed an iced latte at the Starbucks, which, is something I rarely do anymore since the company stopped carrying sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup. The plain nonfat latte was ok, but I really do miss a good cinnamon dolce latte.

At my facial, my aesthetician gave me a demonstration of the NuFace gizmo, that is supposed to eliminate fine lines and to lift and sculpt the face. I don't know if it would actually work, but the electric current that it was putting out reacted with the metal fillings in my teeth to create a weird metallic taste, so something was happening.

After my facial, I stopped by the Hellmouth to pick up some florals that I need for one of the wedding projects that I am responsible for.

And then I went home to watch the Love is Blind reunion on Netflix. Turns out, not only is love blind, but so are the producers of the show, who completely missed the fact that at least one, possibly two, of the contestants were in serious relationships at the time that they were filming. 

Saturday morning, I spent several hours cleaning out and reorganizing my kitchen pantry and the cupboard above it. I tossed a few expired items and patted myself on the back for sparing my children from having to do that at some point in time, far down the road (PTSD from the horror stories that Hugh's siblings told us about the items they discovered in Oscar and Emily's cupboards and freezer when they were here to help after Oscar's surgery last month).

Then, I made a huge salad and ate it while binge-watching episodes of Girls5Eva on Hulu (never heard of it? Neither had I, but it was fairly entertaining).

I also worked on my embroidery skills, because I have another project for the wedding that will require them.

Later that night, I got cleaned up and picked up Mom for dinner at the Thai restaurant and another play at the community theater.

The play was a comedy and it was really quite hilarious. The set required a complete change over during each of the two intermissions, and the audience got to watch it happen, which was really very cool.

Sunday was spent working at the hardware store, more embroidering, chatting with Hugh, who had been in Louisiana for the week, and who had just returned, as well as celebrating St. Paddy's Day with the Boomer dog, who would like you all to know that he is doing well.

I also started watching Quiet on the Set, which is the documentary exploring Nickelodeon's history of child abuse. Like I don't get enough of that shit at Not So New Job, right?

Anyway, shame on Nickelodeon. That is all.

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