Monday, March 11, 2024

Women of Distinction

This past Friday night, I was honored to be included among twenty amazing women at Hooterville's Women Of Distinction Gala. I still have no idea who nominated me for the award, but I am grateful for, and humbled by, the nomination.

Late last month, when I was told about the nomination, I joined the other women at a photo shoot for a magazine, as well as for use at the gala. We also met at the country club (where my staff and I took the golf clinic last summer) for a cocktail party, where I got to know the other recipients; many I already knew, but, I also made some new friends.

I got to sit on a stage with those new friends, in front of a sold-out auditorium, which, could have been intimidating, were it not for their support. And, really, that is what the awards ceremony was all about: women supporting and recognizing the achievements of other women. I was incredibly proud of all of us.

I was also really proud to accept the award in front of my staff and my family, who dressed to the nines to be there to celebrate with me. What can I say? We all clean up really well.

After the ceremony, we ate a delicious dinner, and, then there was dancing. I did not partake of the dancing because my feet were already killing me. 

Next year, I will have the opportunity to attend the gala as a presenter, and I am already looking forward to that; I may even nominate one of the amazing women that I know in my life for the honor. I can think of several who are more than deserving.

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