Friday, March 15, 2024

Friday Favorites, Mid-March Edition

Happy Friday! It was another tough week at Not So New Job, and I am looking forward to spending the weekend at home, catching up on housework and starting a few projects for the wedding (yes, already!).

A while back, I wrote about my hunt for the milk glass vases that Shanti will be using for the table centerpieces; I mentioned that I have fallen for the vintage glass in all its' forms, and, today I bring you proof of that.

My first piece was the lamp that I showed in that earlier post, and I am still in love with it.

I also found a smaller lamp at one of the antique stores in Hooterville. I fell hard for the little green lampshade and knew that the piece would look great in one of our guestrooms (Queen B's childhood room).

I have also purchased several small candy dishes, which are doing Easter duty at the moment.

And, this cake stand will be on display in my kitchen on a permanent basis; at the moment, it is holding my silver Easter egg plate, but I envision it as the base for a number of other items that I have on hand.

I picked up several sets of candlestick holders; I plan to use them on the table at the rehearsal dinner, but am enjoying one set on the mantel, currently.

I almost passed on this adorable basket, but I'm really glad I didn't.

And, this banana stand might be my very favorite piece. You know, that isn't a lamp.

I feel pretty confident that I am done buying milk glass for the foreseeable future, but, I guess one should never say never.

In other favorite news; Mom finally, finally sold the house in Mayberry. She got full asking price and will now be able to pay off the loan on her townhouse in Hooterville. To celebrate being mortgage-free again, she invited us all out to dinner on her. She told us to order anything that we wanted off the menu and the Man-Cub took her up on the offer by ordering the shrimp Alfredo with a lobster tail on the side.

That sounded good to Mom, so she added a lobster tail to her steak, too.

I had the chicken Alfredo primavera, and definitely did not add a lobster tail. Shanti had a small filet mignon and chose a side of the linguini because she also knows that lobster is the cockroach of the ocean (have I mentioned that she's going to be my favorite daughter-in-love, ever?)

Hugh had prime rib...

...and both Oscar and Emily had the crab-stuffed salmon.

It was a delicious evening and definitely something that we all felt worth celebrating. Making this final break from my childhood home was a long time in coming, and absolutely necessary for Mom's peace of mind.

I'll raise a glass to that!

Now, I am off to start my weekend of nesting. Before I do, though, I am going into Hooterville for a facial at the day spa; the house isn't the only thing in need of a thorough cleaning.

Have a great weekend!

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