Monday, March 25, 2024

It Was an Eggcellent Weekend

For some reason, I feel like I've used that title before...

...anyhoodle, Friday morning, I had a telehealth appointment with my functional medicine practice in Neighboring City. The physicians assistant that I was consulting with determined that I needed an increase to the medication I am on, so I ended up grabbing Mom and heading that way to pick it up.

While we were in the city, we did a little bit of shopping before grabbing a quick snack for the drive back home. 

Saturday morning, I took a quick trip to Pixler to see if i could find some more silver trays for the wedding. I lucked out at one of the antique stores, where I scored two really good quality silver pieces for a tremendous bargain. The really cool thing about one of the trays is that it is engraved. I know that not everyone would be interested in a piece of someone else's history, but I think it's actually kind of an honor to be able to give new life to these kind of things. Plus, it's easy to date a piece when it is engraved.

On Sunday, while I was running a load of dishes, my 18 year old dishwasher started leaking, so Hugh and I headed into Hooterville to visit the Home Despot, where we dropped some cash on not just a dish washer, but a new fridge to go along with it. Since all of our kitchen appliances were purchased at the same time (2005, as the Great Remodel of 2002-2006 was finally, finally coming to an end), it seems like a safe bet that they will start to fail at the roughly the same time.

The dishwasher is scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, and the fridge on Saturday, so; more on that at a later date.

Sunday evening, Mom, the Man-Cub, and the Daughter-in-Love came over for dinner and to dye Easter eggs. We always have so much fun doing this, and I can't wait for the day that we will be including grandchildren in the effort (no pressure, children of mine!).

We dyed almost three dozen eggs (minus the three that cracked during the process; Hugh and the Cub were more than happy to "take care" of those!).

Next weekend, we are planning to have Shanti's family over for Easter brunch, so the eggs will feature in the menu. Deviled eggs, anyone?

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