Thursday, June 14, 2007


No sign of Sgt. Pepper yet therefore, no report on today's outfit.

Today is the final day of class and I am really ready for it to be over; this getting home at 5:30 crap is for the birds. Plus, since I won the Outstanding Speaker Award on the first day of class, I have been ineligible for additional awards, quite frankly, leaving me nothing to aspire to. This is a shame considering that; my demonstration yesterday on the long-lost art of Cleaning Out the Office Coffee Pot, was an award-winning performance if ever there was one.

And, while I am on that particular subject; why? Why am I the sole member of our staff in possession of this particular ability? Just, why?

In related news, Hugh returned from Reno last night. He dropped his suitcase, bowling bag, golf clubs and an assortment of jackets in a messy pile on the mudroom floor where they will remain, waiting in eager anticipation for a visit from the Housekeeping Fairy. When she fails to make a timely appearance, you may begin placing bets on which of us breaks down first and cleans up the mess.

Generally, in cases like this, I am favored, 3 to 1. Just so you know.

If I do end up cleaning the mess, I plan to express my displeasure quite vocally, in a performance guaranteed to be an award winner.

Seriously, I will do Sgt. Pepper proud.


  1. Something is happening with Blogger where I can't log on at work, hence, you get more comments. :) If I log in here, then I can go directly to my dashboard. So hi! Again.

  2. hey, its what we do, dump our stuff wherever it will land and move on to the next thing. Its one of those hunter traits, we bring home the trophies, the woman cleans em up.

    I hope my wife doesnt read this comment, I would be dead.

  3. If you do break down and clean it up, be sure your performance requires shiny and blingy compensation. ; )