Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In Which Our Parenting Practices Could Be Called Into Question

We played our first baseball game of the season last night and, by we; I of course mean, the Cub and his teammates because it certainly isn’t like the other moms and I were out there playing our hearts out and, I digress.

Run on, sentence, run on!

Anyhoodle, the boys played an awesome game and with the final score of 17-2; we won by a record fifteen runs. Of course, had we won by even one point, it would have been a record for us; we didn’t play quite so well last year. No, wait that’s not entirely accurate; we won one game last year, ironically; also by one point but, who’s keeping score right? As long as the boys have fun and learn the fundamentals, that is all that matters.

And, let me tell you, Hugh and his co-coaches put the fun in fundamental; the boys have a blast at every practice.

In news of my other child, you know, the one with a job, I am pleased to report; responsibility looks good one her. Yesterday, we let her ride her bike to work after spending an hour alone in the house between the time Hugh had to leave to take the Cub to wrestling camp, the time I had to leave to be at work and the time that she was actually scheduled to start her shift. She was fine; she even called my cell phone to let me know that she was leaving the house. She called again when she arrived at the store, two blocks away to playfully inform me that; "the eagle has landed, mother".

She’s been trained well.

On a side note, I cannot believe that I just told the Internet that I left my daughter home alone. I suppose I should mention that we have an alarm system and that my daughter has a blackbelt in keriyaki which, while being one of the lesser-known Martial arts, is the most deadly. Also, we own a vicious attack dog. Oh! And guns.

And, just in case that doesn’t deter you, I should also mention that my daughter is not a morning person and that she has been staying up waaay past her bedtime, lately. Also, she seems to have developed a strange fungus on her tongue recently and, while we can't be entirely certain; it is probably contagious. And, deadly.

Be afraid, would-be-stalkers, be very afraid.


  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Not sure what is more frightening, the keryaki or the tongue!

    Congrats on the baseball win!

  2. WOW keryaki, sounds fearsome!

    Glad the ball team has a great time.