Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Circle of Life

Last night, I had a lengthy telephone conversation with an old and dear friend. She recently started reading this blog (like, yesterday) and wanted to check up on me (hi hon! You might want to read this silently!). She also passed along some good news; news that brightened my day considerably.

Our conversation served to remind me that good things do still happen and that, no matter how heartsick we might be at any given moment; joy still exists. So, at the risk of getting all Lion King on you, let me just assure you that; I am no longer shaking my fists at the heavens in misplaced anger.**

My mother will be so relieved.

In that vein, last night we attended a baseball game played by the 10 and 11 year old boys. The Girl’s friend had been the pitcher on this particular team and we wanted to show our support for them as they played their first game without him. The team observed a moment of silence on the pitcher’s mound before the first pitch was thrown out. It was the first in what is certain to become a week of beautiful gestures.

After the game, we went home and The Girl completed her page for the memory scrapbook that she and her friends are putting together for her friend’s family. She included a picture of the two of them, taken at her birthday party at the local swimming pool a couple of years ago. She wrote a paragraph about her friend and specifically about her favorite memory of him; the fact that he had gifted her with her very first kiss. On the cheek. In second grade.

The Girl was obviously waiting for my reaction to that bit of news as I read the paragraph and, not wanting to disappoint her; I gasped as though thoroughly scandalized.

She laughed.

It was the sweetest sound I have heard all week.

**I did, however, consider singing a chorus from The Circle of Life whilst holding an infant over my head. I decided against it. You're welcome.


  1. m relieved you also did not quote hakuna matata

  2. Would you borrow the infant from a startled mother?

  3. I must say once again, you are an amazing mother!