Thursday, June 07, 2007

In Which I Could Say I Told You So

Just got an email from Old Classmate, you remember Old Classmate, the poor sap who volunteered to plan our 20th High School Reunion? Of course you do. Anyhoodle, the email was sent to everyone in our class for whom she has an email address and in it, she was Very Angry. Angry and disappointed and disgusted that a larger number of our classmates had not yet bothered to RSVP for the event. Angry, disappointed and disgusted that she had only received a handful of checks from those who had responded (mine being one of them, of course). Angry, disappointed and disgusted that our class is so lame! If she doesn’t have those checks in hand in another week, she is canceling the whole thing! That’s right; she will take her ball and go home.

I laughed, y’all. Hard.

And, I said a little hallelujah and got myself a donut from the break room.

After some reflection however; I came to the conclusion that the Very Angry email will illicit a prompt response from those members of our class who can be counted upon to attend the reunion and that it will scare off the losers amongst the set (which, really, isn’t such a bad thing) and thus, the reunion will go on as planned, although slightly less well-attended than idealized by Old Classmate. So, Operation Hottie by July shall recommence.

Right after I eat this donut.

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  1. You are already hot! Go ahead and eat those donuts!! :)

    That was funny that she sent the email, I would have laughed too!