Tuesday, October 02, 2007

And He Still Found Time to Make a Touch-Down

While standing on the sidelines at last night’s flag football game, the Man-Cub could not keep himself from fiddling with his new mouth guard which, quite frankly, perturbed me and; led to the following conversation:

Chelle: He needs to keep his hands out of his mouth, already. That is disgusting.
Hugh: He’s just getting used to the mouth-guard.
Chelle: Well, it’s unsanitary.
Hugh: It’s normal. It's just going to take a while for him to get used to wearing it. Just like it took him a while to get used to wearing a cup during baseball.
Chelle: Oh god, remember how he used to have his hands in his pants, fiddling with that thing?
Hugh: Yep. And he’s older now; we should be happy he doesn’t have his hands in his pants, fiddling with another piece of his equipment.
Chelle: True, he is your son, after all.
The Girl (running away): Eewww!! Gross! Gross! Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts! Unicorns! Puppies! Rainbows!
Hugh: And she is soooo your daughter.


  1. Ehh! I'm having to do the "think happy thoughts thing"!

  2. So that's good, they get over the whole playing with themselves in public thing?

  3. LMAO

    Now I will say forever, that when I am scratching, i am just fixing my mouthguard