Thursday, October 25, 2007


Certain things that my son says crack me up and, recently, he has been on a roll. Take for example this little gem uttered at last night’s football game against the kids from the local private Catholic school:

"Great. They brought nuns. We are doomed."

The delivery was so dry; you would have sworn he was a comedian with years of training behind him but, nope! Just a kid making an observation (about which he was wrong, by the way. They won regardless of the presence of the nuns).

Speaking of observations, this little ditty in the car following the game perfectly illustrates the firm grasp that my son apparently has on US currency.

Man-Cub (surveying a five dollar bill): Mom, who invented money?
Chelle: Um, the Romans. I think?
Man-Cub: So, why doesn’t it say Made in Romania on this dollar?
Chelle: Because that is American money which is obviously not made in Romania. Or, in Rome, Italy, for that matter.
Man-Cub: I get it. So, it’s probably made in China.

A future degree in Economics from a prestigious university? Not likely.

Which means, a career in stand-up is looking better and better.


  1. Oh, he's gooood. I love it when the boys (mostly A) come up with a great humoristic (is that a word?) comment. Makes my day.

  2. Kids crack me up!! I love the nun comment!

  3. I hear comedians can make a decent living.....

  4. I shared the nuns comment with a coworker who is catholic and has a nun for a sister. She thought it was hilarious. And yes, there will be copius amounts of wine served at my scrapbooking parties. :)