Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nobody Said It Would Be This Hard

I am a failure at the caramel apple thing, y’all. Oh, I know what you’re thinking; how hard can it be? Really, it’s simple, right? I mean, you melt the caramels, shove a Popsicle stick into an apple, dunk the whole deal and, voila! Caramel apples, easy peasy. Come on, Chelle, what is your problem?!

Scary how well I read your mind, isn’t it?

And, yes, in theory, caramel apple dipping is simplistic but in reality; it’s haaard! I mean, the damn caramel has to be just the right temperature or it will refuse to stick to the apples. Too hot? Melts right off into a puddle of goo. Not hot enough? Sticks to the apple in globs without actually coating the apple. See? Haaard.

(On a side note, testing the temperature of the caramel by accidentally dribbling it on your son’s hand is not advisable. Umm, I’ve heard.)

Anywaaay, after much trial and error, we succeeded in adequately coating coat ten apples. It took a good year off my life but the children seemed to think that it was a fair trade.

And I’m going to remember that when they start making their Christmas lists.


  1. Children seemed to think it was a fair trade---ha ha!

    You know, I can't EAT a caramel apple. I don't know how to do it. I bite into it and the caramel is instantly welded to my teeth, and then FORGET IT.

  2. Yumm Caramal apples. I agree they are difficult to make!!

  3. I've never actually made them, but I would imagine it would be difficult, at least for me. The apple would probably fall off the stick into the caramel which would then splash up and burn my face off...or something like that.
    But for what it's worth they look great!