Monday, October 15, 2007

Highlight Reel

As expected, last week was busy. In fact, it was so busy, the details have become a bit blurry. I do remember that the key-note speaker at one of the lunches was this guy, though. Because, the image of him sawing his arm off with a pocket knife is understandably hard to forget. And, you know, totally unacceptable as lunch conversation no matter how inspirational the tale of his ultimate survival. At least, it is as far as I'm concerned.

The weekend was memorable (and a lot less mentally damaging), however. The kids and I met Emily for the three-mile Bosom Buddies Cancer walk on Saturday morning. Joining us were over eight hundred additional people and at least a hundred dogs. By the end of the hour-long walk, the Man-Cub was on a first-name basis with at least half of those dogs and had been tongue anointed by at least a quarter of the remaining canine population whom he came to know only as “hey, pup!” His sociability transcends the special divide, obviously. He should run for office.

While we were sweating for the cause, Hugh was antelope hunting in a remote area of the state. While I was thrilled for him getting to spend some quality man-time with his father and friends, I wasn’t hoping for him to actually kill something but, he did and I now have a freezer shelf full of meat which I have no earthly idea how to prepare. I’m sure Google with have some thoughts on the matter.

In news of food items that I do know how to prepare; one of the local farmers graced me with a bushel of roasted green chilies yesterday. I have three gallon-sized bags of whole peppers as well as ten Tupperware containers of diced chilies that will be joining the antelope on the freezer shelf. Maybe they can chat and come up with something delicious to do together.

On a totally unrelated topic, today is D-Day at the place of my employment. I will be dropping the “I’m quitting! Have a nice day!” bomb on my boss right after lunch and just before I am scheduled to meet with the chair and co-chair of my Board of Directors. The rest of the Board will find out at tomorrow’s annual planning retreat.

I’m a little bit sick to my stomach.

I blame that on the remaining mental image of that guy hacking off his arm.

Ok, not really.

Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts……


  1. Good luck to you!

  2. Good luck with the resignation! I like to write it in a letter, then hand over the letter in person and with a face that gives them warning. I fill the letter with crap about how awesome they were to work for, so they have trouble being mad.