Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It’s Official, I’m Sleeping with the Boss

My resignation went as well as could be expected and much the way I had anticipated. My boss was supportive and excited for me as was the majority of my Board of Directors. I got the reaction I had planned on from my chair and co-chair which is to say, they were pissed. And, asshole-ish (new word, alert Wikipedia!). On the bright side, the rest of the Board stepped up in unusual fashion to put them in their place for their boorish behavior at today’s planning retreat and I was impressed, very impressed.

Following the retreat, I made a stop at city hall to confirm an appointment with the City Council and, in true small town fashion; my resignation was already the talk around the water cooler. When one of the employees asked me what the best part of my new position will be I said; "Well, I’ll be sleeping with my boss. And this time, it won't get me fired."*

Oh how I wish I could be a fly on the wall at tomorrow’s water cooler conversation.

Speaking of sleeping, last night, I had the best night’s sleep that I can remember having in I don’t know how long. Maybe there is something to this mind/body connection thing after all.

Huh. Those hippies were onto something.

*Um, you know I was kidding, right?


  1. Congrats on sleeping your way to the top. :)

    If you have the mind-body thing down, maybe you can explain what my yoga teacher means when she says we have to "acknowledge our thoughts and release them"...what the crap? If I knew how to do that, I'd release them all over town, not just in yoga class.

  2. asshole-ish! I love it!