Monday, January 28, 2008

And It Goes Without Saying That I Labeled Everything

This Saturday was the first in recent memory that Hugh has not had to be away from home for wrestling or other job-related tasks. It was nice to have him around and you can be certain that I put our time together to good use.

Welcome to Honey-Do Saturday, Hugh! Glad you could make it.

We Hugh accomplished almost everything on my Honey-Do list; he cleaned out the garage and the attic above it. He installed the new drop-down staircase thingie to the attic so that I will no longer have to pull out a ladder every time I need to get up there. He put away all of the boxes of holiday decorations and cleaned most of his junk out of the office in preparation for installing our new computer.

Did he actually get to the part where he installed the new computer? Not so much. But, I have high hopes for it happening sometime this week.

While Hugh methodically checked items off the Honey-Do list, I transferred home videos from VCR tapes and super 8 cassettes onto DVDs. It took hours but I feel like a huge chore is out of the way. Also, it was a lot of fun to watch the videos (I cannot believe my children were ever so small. And, delicious, my god, the cheeks! I just wanted to reach through the television screen and eat them. And, I digress).

While the videos were transferring, I cleaned out the Man-Cub’s drawers and bagged all of his old underwear to donate to the school nurse (the last newsletter from the Principal practically begged for underwear donations as the school’s present supply was dwindling which? Ewww. But, mine is not to question why, mine is to replace the Cub’s wedgie-creating undies with new well-fitting undies so that he might refrain from constantly picking at his ass. Having somewhere to send the banished wedgie-producing undies is a bonus. Also? Digressing, again).

This morning, I handed the Cub the bag of old underwear and asked him to drop it off at the office on his way to his classroom. You would have thought that I had handed the kid a pistol and told him to bring me a few hostages instead. He was practically in tears when I relented and agreed to take the Bag o’ Panties in to the school myself. Of course, I had planned on doing it myself all along but I needed some entertainment this morning and nothing says “good times” like torturing a small child.

I like to start the day off right.


  1. I have never heard of a school asking for underwear! Something about that just seems so, oh I don't know, WRONG! Well, at least it was good for a laugh.

  2. I think it is odd for the school to ask for undies as well. Did they need both genders or just boys?

  3. I'm cracking up at "bag o' panties". And I'm grossed out a little bit. Mostly cracking up, though.

  4. Want to continue torturing small kids? Tell the Man Cub that you called his underwear "undies" and "panties". Poor kid will be emasculated.