Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Perhaps I Should Clarify (Because I Just Can't Embarrass My Son Enough)

Yesterday’s post about the Man-Cub’s old underwear prompted several people, including my mother, to comment about how odd it seems for a school to ask for underwear donations. I explained to my mother that the underwear is given to kids who have accidents in school and, while the Cub is nine years old and most kids his age are clearly past the stage of accidentally crapping their pants, the underwear in question was a size 6/8 and I imagine that there are six-year olds who still have accidents (and a few who are large enough to wear a size 8 boxer short).

And yes, I realize that the fact that my nine-year-old son was wearing underwear designed for children ages six to eight probably contributed to the whole wedgie issue. In my defense, my son is a skinny little monster with nonexistent hips and absolutely no butt; larger underwear slipped right off, which could prove far more embarrassing for him than wearing underwear designed for a second grader. You know, should a playground de-pantsing incident ever occur.

I’m just sayin’


  1. My son is the same way. At 11 years old, I think he could still wear the same underwear that he was wearing when he started kindergarten. Ya, know, if it weren't for all the skid marks.

    At my daughters school, which is for 4th and 5th graders only, there was an "incident" at the beginning of the school year where someone apparently had an accident and they flushed their undies down the toilet. The toilet backed up and flooded the ENTIRE school. I don't remember how many thousands of dollars it cost to clean up the mess but they had these huge plastic tunnels running throughout the school for a couple of weeks! The whole school looked like one huge hampster cage!

  2. Oh my....Flushed undies...thats a mess.

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