Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Little Help, Please

Hugh and I are planning to do it up right when we celebrate our fifteenth anniversary in September. We would like to do it somewhere tropical. With nice beaches, snorkeling availability and good food, preferably all-inclusive.

We don’t want to cruise, though.

So? Any suggestions out there? One of my girlfriends raves about St. Lucia. Is there anywhere that any of you would recommend?

Please, feel free to de-lurk if you have a suggestion. I promise I don’t bite.


  1. Ft. Lauderdale is an awesome vacation spot~ Of course, that means I would be horning in on your anniversary though. :)

  2. Costa Rica is a fairly inexpensive option. My wedding was going to be there because the costs were so reasonable. You can have rainforests, the beach all in one trip! The all inclusive resort we were going to use is called Villas Sol. Have fun planning!