Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things That Make You Go Duh

The television weatherman keeps saying that a cold front is moving into the area and I’m like moving? Are these temperatures that we have endured lo these many weeks not indicative of a cold front that has, perhaps, moved into the area, already? I think the weatherman needs to go back to weatherman school.

Seriously, I am jonesing for some springtime. Warm temperatures, strappy sandals and Capri pants, oh, Capri pants! Where for art thou, Capri pants?

And yes, I realize that it is January but a girl can long for the warm embrace of her summer lover, the sun, now can she not?

Speaking of the cold weather, last night Emily and I attended a vendor training held by our county government. The training was intended to update us all on the new tax that went into effect on January 1st. Apparently, the county elected to not exempt agricultural items from the tax.

In an agricultural community.

You didn’t need a weatherman to tell you that a cold front moved across that room, I assure you.

Still, the county administrators were all “We had no idea you would take this so badly” and, again, duh.

This morning, I had to take a copy of The Girl’s immunization records to the school so that she would be exempted from a Tdap clinic later this month. I explained the reason for my visit to the school nurse and handed her the immunization record indicating that the child was up to date on her immunizations. To which she replied, “I’m glad you brought this in, now The Girl won’t have to have the Tdap shot when we immunize the rest of her class!”

Really? Well, then, I am so glad I happened to have a copy of her records with me when I came in this morning! You know, with no purpose, whatsoever.


Perhaps my favorite duh of the day, however goes to a recent poll conducted by British researchers, the results of which indicate that kids are afraid of clowns.

Do I even need to say it?

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  1. Oh Sweet Mother of Mercy, I hatehatehate clowns. My Godmother is an artist and I had a picture she did of a sad clown on my wall as a child. I'm still recovering. ; )