Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Ramblings

Oscar and Emily left for a week-long visit with friends in Arizona this morning; party!

I have been without chocolate or candy for almost a week now. Strangely, I have dodged the usual cravings. Could the sugar detox have worked, perhaps? We’ll know next week when the dreaded PMS monster makes its monthly appearance.

The Girl’s birthday present arrived yesterday. She is getting the PlayStation Rock Band thingie. It will compliment her Guitar Hero game nicely. Also: I clearly have no sense of self-preservation and fully expect to be driven insane by her “music”.

Speaking of music, The Girl has been practicing her flute every night. I am surprised and pleased by her dedication. Currently, she is rocking the B scale which? I have no idea; I ditched piano practice as a child by knocking on the instructor’s door, running for dear life and then telling my parents that the teacher must not be home as she hadn’t opened the door when I knocked. Obviously I never learned a B scale. Or any other scale for that matter.

The Man-Cub starts wrestling tonight and he is stoked. I picked up the registration forms yesterday and we have approximately one million and ten Pee Wees for whom we will be responsible every weekend for the next two or so months. Yay?

On her way out of town this morning (par-tay!), Emily called to inform us that she had been listening to the news and had heard that there is a recall for my Tahoe. Apparently something in the engine can catch on fire whether the engine is on or not. I am most unhappy at this development and am awaiting a call back from our dealership. Is it wrong that, if my car is jacked; I totally want a brand new one?

I have a meeting of my woman’s club today. They have asked me to run for Secretary of the Board. I reluctantly agreed and am hoping that I will run against someone who can totally kick my ass. Also; I. Am. Such. A. Sucker.

On the topic of suckers (the segues, they are smooth like glass!), the Man-Cub’s Valentine’s Day party is coming up and I have again been asked to provide a snack. I downright refused to make another boring-ass relish tray and will instead be baking my special heart-shaped sugar cookies with drizzled icing. Thank God I didn’t give up cookies for lent. But, this segue was supposed to be about suckers so, I should tell you; The Girl and I are making cinnamon flavored suckers as a gift for her Valentines and, since suckers are technically candy, I will not be indulging in them. Which suuuux.

Thus endeth the rambling.


  1. A B scale? Seriously? That is like one of the hardest ones. Now if it's the B-flat scale, that's a different story ;) Anyway...the scales, they are boring. But it does get better! Yay for The Girl!

    --Jess, former really-good flutist until I rebelled and decided I was going to be a high-powered businesswoman. Yeah. That worked out.

  2. Yeah, pretty sure it's Bb scale; B is damned tough for a beginner. ; ) Go Girl, go! :) Flutists rock! (says the flutist/flute teacher) ; )