Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Last night I dreamt that the roof blew off our house. I have no idea what that means.

Some people think that what you eat prior to falling asleep has some affect on your dreams but I don’t subscribe to that notion. Besides, last night I had a spinach salad with red onions and blackberries; my dreams should have been (as my son would say) suh-weet.

Speaking of those blackberries, the contents of my fridge is a testament to the differences in my children. Case in point; this weekend The Girl opened the fridge and exclaimed, “You got blueberries and kiwis! Oh! And blackberries! Yessss!”. The Man-Cub opened the fridge a few minutes later and unenthusiastically stated, “Well, at least you got grapes.”

Yes son, I got grapes because kiwi is so exotic and I wouldn’t want to entice you into eating anything unusual. Weirdo.

Speaking of weirdos, I am learning that the hardware store is the hangout place for most of the eccentrics in Petticoat Junction. I suppose I should have suspected this all along.

Also, I seem to fit in perfectly. I’m not sure what that means, either.

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