Friday, February 15, 2008

Woke Up This Morning…

…and got myself a shovel.

Digging out from an overnight snowstorm, it just never gets old. Oh, wait, yes it does.

Luckily, the children don’t have school today. Of course, if you asked them they would say that it is a waste of a perfectly good day off since they are officially over snowman making, snowball fights, sledding and snow-fort building and, what can we say? It’s been a long winter.

At least it is Friday. I am working at the store for a few hours today and then plan to take the rest of the day to clean the house since I won’t have the weekend to do it. Hugh leaves for Neighboring City for the regional wrestling tournament at noon and we will join him there tomorrow afternoon following a morning of shopping and errand-running.

Top on my list of errands is to find the Man-Cub a pair of new wrestling shoes as his feet have grown since last season and there is probably some law against shoving your child’s foot into a piece of footwear designed for a foot two sizes smaller. You know, probably.

I also plan to shop for a new shade of the OPI since nothing helps to beat the winter blahs like a new bottle of nail polish in a summery color. At least, not for me.

Although....I am totally willing to experiment with, say, a tropical vacation; I've heard good things.

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  1. Oh- tropical vacation! Jim was torturing me the other day looking up prices on those last-minute getaways to Bahamas, etc. But then we nixed the idea when we realized I wasn't willing to leave the kids behind for four nights, and he wasn't willing to spend the money for an extra plane ticket and an all-inclusive package for a two year old. We were at an impasse, so to speak.
    So now the snow is just making me sadder...