Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Are Falling Apart At the Seams

Remember the Man-Cub’s earache? The one that I was convinced was caused by the pressure in his ears not regulating when we went over the Divide? That one? Yeah; ear infection. And, not just any ear infection; a serious ear infection.

Mother. Of. The. Year.

In my defense, he never did run a fever which is what he usually does when he has an infection. And, he only had the pain the first night; it totally went away when my sister bestowed upon him the Magic Cottonball. So, really, who can blame me for missing the infection?

Besides myself, I mean.

That’s what I get for not consulting Dr. Google, immediately.

Speaking of Dr. Google, lately, I have been experiencing some fucking hellacious minor heel pain. And, by lately, I mean since November. The pain was not getting any better and had started to impact my workouts so I consulted Dr. Google who offered the following possible diagnosis’s: Plantar Fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, arthritis (what am I, eighty?) or raging foot cancer.

Ok, not really; there is no such thing as raging foot cancer-as far as I know.

So. Today I called a podiatrist to schedule an appointment and, as luck would have it, I am somewhat aquainted with the nurse who answered the call. She was more than happy to listen to my complaints and she concurred with Dr. Google; I most likely have Plantar Fasciitis. Of course, I’ll still have to go in for ex-rays and an exam to be totally certain but, I’m guessing two-out-of-three medical experts (or, you know, a medically trained nurse and the internet) can’t be wrong.

All of which means one of three things:

1. I will have to forsake my cute summer shoes for orthopedic clogs.

2. I will have to stretch my plantar fascia every morning before I even think of getting out of bed.

3. I will walk with a noticeable limp for the rest of my life because I am too lazy to stretch my plantar fascia before getting out of bed each morning and I am too vain to wear orthopedic shoes.

Your call.

And, please bear in mind that I have a closet full of really cute summer shoes.


  1. Stretching it every morning couldn't be THAT bad, plus you could still wear the cute shoes if you did!

  2. Ha, I'm with you, Chelle- I have bad knees and am supposed to do these prescribed exercises everyday to keep the muscles around my kneecap strong. So it doesn't effing BREAK again. But do I do them? No. Do I wear my brace when exercising or walking? No.

  3. My chiropractor says I have tarsel tunnel in my right ankle, what I've been calling Carpool Ankle. Not getting any better, I'll tell you that! Stretch every morning so you can wear the shoes!