Friday, February 29, 2008

I Am Having a Coffee-Not-Brewed-Strong-Enough Kind of Day

I hope all the Leap Year babies out there are enjoying their -once-every-four-years-birthday. Also, that must really suck.

Also sucking today; my body. I caught a cold somewhere and am alternating between having a nose so stuffy that I can hardly breathe and must therefore resort to the ever-so-lovely mouth breathing and a lovely snot waterfall pouring from my nostrils. I’m so pretty!

In better news, while Hugh and I were frolicking about Denver last weekend, I was being honored in absentia with an award at the annual Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet. I was awarded the President’s Award which is the highest honor the Chamber gives out and I got it because my Board of Directors nominated me. I’m touched. Also, I take back half of the negative things that I have said about certain members of the Board.

You know what is annoying?

People to change the subject with the subtlety of a train wreck? No, parents who sign their kids up for a sport, don’t bother to actually bring the kid to practices and then have the nerve to act as though it is my problem that their little preshus is not on the official tournament roster. Hello? I need to have the kid weigh in, among other things, before I can register him for a tourney. In order to do that, I kind of need to see the kid in like, the flesh at practice. Gah.

My nose just re-entered the waterfall portion of the program. Aren’t you happy that I shared?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go brew a better pot of coffee before I dash to the school to give the Man-Cub his antibiotic which we neglected to administer this morning. I might be a sweetheart and also take his spelling homework and the mini-bag of popcorn that he popped for his mid-morning snack and then left sitting forlornly on the counter when he left for school. Luckily, I have not stumbled upon the child’s head but I assume that is merely because he has not found a painless way in which to remove it from his shoulders.

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

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  1. Congratulations on your award! And sorry about the cold- I just shook one of my own.