Thursday, November 06, 2008

At Last, a Little Down Time

With football and volleyball seasons finally over, I am enjoying my evenings again. There is no rush to get somewhere, no hurried dinners comprised mostly of left-overs or convenience foods and no major stress over finding an extra half-hour to nag the children until they get homework done.

Instead, I have been cooking again. The kids have time to play games after their homework is finished. I started re-reading Twilight while drinking a nice glass of wine. I have soaked in the jet-tub three out of four nights this week and I haven’t lost my shit with Hugh or the children once- not even when the children allowed Rowdie to chew up one of The Girl's summer flip-flops although, while we are on the subject; it snowed around us yesterday-what in the world are flip-flops doing out and about in the house this time of year? Not to mention being anywhere near the dog who is, let's face it; quite fond of chewing on thongs.

And, by thongs, I mean flip-flops not, like, thong underwear or anything.

Um, not that I have thong underwear just laying around the house for the dog to chew on, I swear; my thongs went the way of the garbage bin the minute I quit Old Job.

To recap:

-I love watching the kids play sports that they enjoy but, damn, I am grateful for this unscheduled time.

-The Girl had probably outgrown those flip-flops, anyway so, I am grateful that we didn't lose a good pair of shoes.

-I no longer work at a job that requires me to wear dress pants thus creating a need to wear thong underwear, thank God.


  1. Thanks for clairfying the thong thing.. LOL i was wondering.. back in the day they were not called "flip flops".. although quite approprate..
    I just bought Twilight.. Minnie says it is a MUST read! I will let you know.

  2. I have yet to try them, but I thought/heard thongs were supposed to be comfortable.

  3. ok, I have to get Twilight as well, especially with all the hype