Friday, November 21, 2008

Now I Know Where Hitchcock Got His Inspiration

I ran out of birdseed this week and just haven’t had a chance to get to the store. Now, there are about twenty-five sparrows sitting in the tree outside my window and they are looking at me. I guess I better get to the store today for fear that, tomorrow, there will be fifty of them and they will be plotting their assault on my home rather than just giving me crusty bird looks from the tree branches.

Tonight is the club’s Holiday Festival. I need to put together the appetizer plate that I promised to take as well as finding something vaguely appropriate to wear; I’ll be flying solo this year since Hugh has to work for the Police department. Afterwards, I have promised the children that we will pull the boxes containing my porcelain Christmas village down from the attic so that, tomorrow, we can tackle the chore of setting it up. I know it seems early but, with us going to Denver for Thanksgiving; it makes sense to get a head start on the decorating.

The rest of the weekend will be taken up with routine chores and the local High School football game; our team is in the running for the State title and one of the qualifying games is being played at home. Hugh and the children are planning to attend the game while I run errands and generally avoid the mass pandemonium caused by football fanatics in our small town, not that I don’t have team spirit, go Pirates! Whoo. I just have a lot to do.

Like, buying birdseed to feed the hungry mob currently amassing outside my window; fifty of the little bastards by tomorrow might be a rather modest estimate by the look of things.


  1. When birds start eyeing me--I start to get scared and imagining them pecking at me--mostly due to an unfortunate emu incident.

  2. I have a firm belief that someone should modernize and remake that movie. Do you not think it would be the scariest freaking movie imaginable??? I just don't trust a bird. Don't know why. Probably cause I saw that movie as a child.

  3. You feed birds? That is totally like feeding the homeless and now you can put that on your letter to Santa and he will bring you a bike!

  4. One day, we WILL all get together for a girl's weekend!

  5. PLEASE don't leave a trail for those birds to follow you to Denver!! Yikes.. we will be fighting them off on BLACK Friday!! OOO that would make a good story plot!!! LOL