Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Thing She Was So Cute

Today is my sister, Barbie’s, birthday. Thirty-eight years ago she displaced me as the baby of the family and stole that role for herself. She took over my room, my toys, my parent’s attentions and, later, my clothing, cassette tapes, and fancy banana clips (what!? Banana clips were all the rage). If she wasn’t such a good person, I might have held those things against her. As it stands, I'm eternally grateful that she "disrupted" my life all those years ago and I can't imagine my life without her in it.

Happy birthday, Sis!

Our weekend was productive, I managed to take the photo for our Christmas cards and I even got the order for the cards placed; I should be addressing envelopes in a matter of days. Yikes.

The children were, um, somewhat cooperative this year but, not until after I abandoned my first concept for the picture which included the dog and some rather extensive poses and which was, quite frankly, a pipe dream the equivalent of attaining world peace, anyway.

The picture we ultimately ended up using took all of five minutes to capture, including the short drive to the location I wanted to use and everyone was happy. Sunshine! Rainbows! Unicorns! Yay.

In any event, we are done with that chore for another year and I can cross it off my Holiday To Do list. I can also cross off Shop for the Distant Relatives and Wrap Presents because, with the exception of gifts for Hugh and the children, those chores are done as well. I’m starting to feel almost smug about the whole holiday season which means that a massive head cold, stomach virus, leprosy, or bubonic plague are just around the corner, ready to derail my locomotion.

In fact, I think I felt a tickle in my throat just as I typed that.

Yes, I'm certain I did.



  1. All I can really say is . . . You Bitch. I say that with a lot of love though. :p

  2. Glad you are so far along in your holiday preparation!

  3. Geesh... You will be lucky if you GET a Christmas card from Me!!! lol.. Okay you are for sure a MOTIVATOR!!!! :p Maybe you should be a LIFE COACH!!!!