Monday, November 24, 2008

It’s Beginning To look a Lot Like Christmas

Friday night’s Holiday Festival went swimmingly although; I don’t think the club made quite as much money on the auctioned items as we did last year. The bids weren’t going very high and several items still lacked any bids at all when I left the event at 7:30. Unless people really started up the bidding wars after I left; we are looking at lower profits. On the other hand, sponsorships averaged last year’s numbers so, we may do ok and, you know, we all had a good time. I really enjoyed chatting with some of the women whom I hadn’t seen in a while as well as my boss from Old Job.

The rest of the weekend was busy, busy, busy.

Saturday, I spent the majority of the day setting up my porcelain village. It looks great and really got me into the whole holiday spirit even though I still think it is insane that the local mall welcomed Santa’s arrival Friday night; the hell? It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet.

While I was toiling over miniature houses, Hugh and the children were cheering our High School football team on to victory; the team is now headed for the State championship and, if the universe aligns just right and Hugh can find someone to cover the police shift that he was scheduled to cover this Sunday; he and the Man-Cub will be able to see the game which is being played in Denver this Saturday where, coincidentally, we will be spending Thanksgiving.

You follow?

Good. Moving on.

So, Saturday night, I dragged my tired ass to the neighboring town with Hugh and the children to attend a birthday party for a friend of ours. The party was held at a bowling alley and, while I am not the world’s worst bowler, I am certainly not the best. I made a good effort, though.

The Girl, being a twelve-going-on-thirteen-year old, initially refused to bowl and, once she noticed that, horror of horrors, the Vice Principal of her school was also there, the refusal became adamant. For like, five minutes, at which point she donned her fancy rented shoes and joined the fun, handily beating said Vice Principal and earning the reward of being able to raid his candy cabinet today. Twelve-going-on-thirteen-year-old-girls are apparently swayed by the sugar, who knew?

Yesterday, I worked on more Christmas decorating and then, while Hugh endangered his health and welfare by stringing lights on the rooftop; I took the kids to see Twilight because I had to make good on a bribe that I offered them in order to get them to pose for yet another round of pictures (Emily wants a framed photo of the kids for Christmas). They were fairly good sports about the whole thing although; some of the pictures would lead you to think differently.

Anyway, the movie wasn’t bad but; I liked the book better.

Today, I am back to the work grind and, this evening, I intend to decorate the Christmas tree so that I have one less thing to do when we get back from Denver on Sunday. As I said, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

But, at least I’m not hosting Santa.


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