Friday, November 14, 2008

Wow, This Week Just Flew By

I can’t believe it is Friday, already. I’m glad it’s Friday, I just can’t believe how quickly time flies.

The weekend is certain to fly by as well and that is a bummer for sure. Tonight, The Girl is attending a dance at the Middle School. Hugh is on duty for one of the regular police officers and he has threatened to attend the dance which, as you can imagine, is just what The Girl wanted to hear. I assured her that I can distract him with a home-made apple pie and she seemed to take some comfort in that. Also, apple pie….mmmm.

Tomorrow, the kids are going with me to the local bank to set up for the Holiday Festival. My service club members have managed to put together 152 items for auction. Among the items are fifteen six foot Christmas trees, a number of nine foot trees and even more four foot trees, all of which are fully decorated in varying themes. We also have wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, gift baskets and stockings stuffed to the brim. With any luck, we will sell the items for as much money as they are worth and will net around $14,000 for our service budget. Of course, in today’s economy, we realize that we might fall short of that goal.

Since returning to the club, following my leave of absence, I have thrown myself into the fray with as much enthusiasm as I have ever felt for the club and its mission. The fact is; the club does an awful lot of good things for our community including providing scholarships to local graduates, books to under-privileged children, Lifeline units to the elderly and a number of other services. I’m proud to be part of the effort and I’m grateful for the other women in the club who work as hard as they do to raise the funds necessary to continue our good work.

I’m also grateful for the friendships that I have made since joining the club in 2002 and for the opportunity to leave the hardware store for a couple of hours every Tuesday to attend our weekly meeting because, sometimes I need to get away from that place.

Oh, wait; did I just say that out loud?

And, did I mention that I’m very grateful that today is Friday?

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