Thursday, November 20, 2008

It’s Official, I’ve Broken up with My Foot Doctor

Yes, he was willing to fondle my feet, yes he gave mad props to whatever shade of the OPI I happened to be wearing at each appointment and, yes, he was somewhat easy on the eyes but good, God; those orthotics he prescribed for my plantar fasciitis hurt like a mutherf*^%&er.

And, while the plantar fasciitis healed and I no longer have any heel pain or foot pain; I have had nerve pain in my leg since I started wearing the tools of SATAN orthotics back in April or May. And, it isn’t even the same leg that had the plantar fasciitis so, clearly; my body was meant to be unaligned and you know, unique. I’m not meant to have the gait that normal other people have and I needed to get rid of the orthotics in a big way.

So, I ditched them. I haven’t worn them in over a week and the heel pain has not returned. The nerve pain in my left leg has abated and, wonder of wonders, my balance is better; I no longer resemble a drunk when I do my workouts.

I’m still trying to find something to be grateful for every day this month and, if you don’t think that not resembling a drunk is something to be grateful for. Well, we might just have to have a drink together you are crazy.

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  1. Honey... I am with you on the orthotics. I just got mine about two months ago, and I still can't decide if I like them. I feel better when I don't wear them. I thought I was the only one...