Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Just Woke Up and I Already Need a Nap

This cold is kicking. My. Ass.

I am so tired I can hardly function and I really need to function because this is a really busy week for us. In addition to my normal work schedule, I am running the Man-Cub to wrestling practices and tutoring, running The Teenager to volleyball and attending her CAP (Career Academic Planning) conferences, trying to get us prepared for a trip to New Mexico for volleyball this weekend and, oh, there was that Hallmark holiday yesterday and laundry that keeps piling up despite my best efforts and dust bunnies that rival the Great Sand Dunes drifting across my wood floors and, and, and...

So tired. So. Very. Tired.

Despite my exhaustion, I did manage to have a nice weekend this past week. The Man-Cub finished his basketball season with a pretty impressive loss to the other team but, the Cub scored and had fun so, all was not lost.

After the game, the Cub went home with Jana to spend the rest of the weekend trekking through the wilderness with Darren while The Teenager and I ventured to Neighboring City to watch Hugh officiate in the Regional wrestling tournament after which we did some shopping, ate lunch and saw a movie together before coming back home to watch yet another movie before Hugh got home.

This weekend, as I mentioned, we are headed to New Mexico for a volleyball tournament while Hugh heads to Denver to officiate at the State wrestling tournament so, in addition to whining about this never ending cold from Hell; I get to bitch about driving through a snowstorm.

Good times.

And, have I mentioned that I am tired? So. Very. Tired.


  1. Trying being pregnant on top of it. BOOM. :) No, really, I hope we both feel better soon.

    At least when your cold lets up, you will get some sleep. Sorry, i just can't stop. Have I mentioned I'm pregnant? And cranky? (Ha ha, my security word is Worried. It should be TIRED!)

  2. God bless you, Erika. You couldn't pay me to be pregnant and have this cold. Ok, maybe you could but, it would have to be a LOT of money. And, you would have to raise the baby because, I am tired, obviously.