Monday, February 21, 2011

Things I Survived This Weekend or: The One in Which I WASN'T Killed by Serial Killers Reeking of Pizza

-A hotel that could provide the ideal location for a low budget slasher film.

-Fraud, attempted by a drunken waitress.

-A near-heart attack caused by the siren ring-tone of the Man-Cub’s cell phone ringing at 2:38 in the blessed a.m.

-Five meeelion hours of volleyball and the accompanying bleacher-butt.

-Ice-cold showers.

-Frequently interrupted sleep, courtesy of the VFW conventioneers roaming the halls at all hours of the night (to whom we demanded "You senior citizens knock that shit off!" while shaking our fists in the air).

-Possible abdominal infection caused by side-splitting laughter encountered while enduring all of the above** with a really great friend.

**With the exception of the ice-cold showers, I mean, obviously.

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