Friday, March 01, 2013

Looks Like We Made It

March! My long-lost friend; how good it is to see you! Let's have a glass of wine and celebrate! Or, a mug of hot chocolate liberally laced with peppermint schnapps, either way; I'm just so happy to see you!

I have high hopes for this month. For one thing, I'm really looking forward to the Spring Luncheon that I have been organizing for the past three months. The luncheon is always fun and we raise a lot of money for our causes, but, mainly; I am looking forward to having it over and done with, because, once it is, I can eliminate five-to-six meetings a month from my already busy schedule.

I'm also looking forward to nicer weather. And, yes, we are expecting yet another snowstorm this weekend, but, I also heard a rumor about warmer temperatures in the coming week and that possibility tickles me to death.

Since I am starting to feel better, I am also looking forward to increasing my time in the kitchen. I naturally tend to enjoy cooking more during the nicer months (not sure what that is all about) and I especially love cooking with spring produce (hello, fresh, local asparagus! I've missed you!), so; bring on the Farmer's Market!

Easter is also right around the corner which means I need to get busy decorating my house with fluffy bunnies and colorful eggs. The fact that it also means the end of Lent is not lost on me, but; this recent illness has effectively killed my cravings for sweets, so, I am less rabid in my desire to return to sugar than I have been in years past.

I am excited for the 300 tulip, crocus and daffodil bulbs that I planted last fall to make their appearance, as well. Fingers crossed that they bloom and that I don't end up with lots of greenery and no colorful show (it's happened to me before).

And, that pretty much makes this the most optimistic post that I have written in a month.

Did I mention that February kicks my ass?

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