Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Living In the Moment

Wow, this summer is just flying by; I don't like it.

I am enjoying the easier schedule that we have at home. Yes, the Man-Cub gets up early every morning to go to work, but, it seems to have less of the urgency than getting up early for school does.

The Teenager is also enjoying the schedule, in fact, she has been out with friends every night since she returned from Mayberry, and, without a job; has been sleeping in every morning. I would complain about her bohemian lifestyle, but, I rationalize it to myself in the following way: it's her last real summer of High School and I want her to thoroughly enjoy it. God knows she has the rest of her life to deal with adult responsibilities (may it be a loooong life).

Speaking of adult responsibilities, I have been working at both jobs for almost a year now. The longer days of summer definitely allow me to feel as though I still have time for myself, in addition to the work, and the house, and the kids, and everything else that I juggle. For that, alone, I dread the return of shorter days and cooler weather.

But! I'm not thinking about that right now. Instead, I am enjoying the time while I can.

I am also enjoying watching my son grow (literally, before my eyes) into a young adult. He is super-conscientious about his job, has been saving the majority of his paychecks, and, manages to juggle his work/play schedule without becoming grumpy or irritable (for a teenager! I know!). He is also looking forward to starting his Drivers Ed classes next month.

Yes. Driver's Ed.

Also? Not thinking about that right now. Instead, enjoying the moment.

Because the moment is totally worth the enjoyment.

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