Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nothing Says Fun Like Defrosting the Freezer

Luckily, no one had clued the Man-Cub in to the sarcasm of the above sentence, and, last night, he eagerly volunteered to help with the chore.

I handed him a bundle of towels, a bucket, and my spare blow dryer and told him to go to town, fully expecting him to tap out at roughly the half-way point. Imagine my surprise when he not only stuck with the chore to its end, but, devised new and clever ways of catching the copious amounts of water that resulted from the melting frost.

Once the defrosting was complete, he even helped with cleaning and sanitizing the freezer before restocking it with the frozen goods that we had managed to salvage (we lost quite a bit of the antelope that Hugh and the Cub killed back in 2008. I'm strangely ok with that loss. Ok, maybe not so strangely).

Today, when the Cub asked for some cash to take with him to a music festival in the local community park, I didn't hesitate to fork over a twenty. The kid totally deserved it.

In more fun news, The Teenager spent the past two days with her volleyball team at a camp in a town several hours away. I gleaned from various text messages, one phone conversation and a Face Time chat, that she was having a really good time. Not-so-coincidentally, the girl who plays in the same position as The Teenager (and, whom the coach favors) was unable to make the camp, giving The Teenager plenty of play-time.

In a surprise twist (for the coach), the team won most of their games, despite the fact that several of the coach's "chosen six" (that's seriously what she calls them) were not present. This is in sharp contrast to the team's record at last weekend's scrimmage, at which those girls were present and the team lost the majority of games they played.

One can hope that the coach will see the irony in this situation, but, one would probably be disappointed.

Anyway, my baby had a good time and that is all we can hope for at this point.

Also, she totally dodged the freezer defrosting bullet, so, she was a winner all around.

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