Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, the Day of Rest

Stampede pretty much kicked my ass. This is not an unusual occurrence, but, this year, the ass-kicking seems slightly more noticeable, mainly due to the slight hangover from which I am still suffering an entire 36 hours after the fact.

Or, I got a touch of the stomach flu, which I'm not ruling out, entirely.

The weekend was well worth the after-effects, of course; Stampede weekend usually is. After all, there is no other weekend of the year when I get to relax, completely, in the bosom of my childhood home, with my mother tending to my every need, spoiling my children, and reminding me just how lucky I am to have been born to her and my dad.

I also get to hang out with my sisters and my best friends and I get to watch my children enjoy all of the things that I enjoyed at their ages. And, yes, this year was a bit different, thanks to some road construction that forced the re-routing of the daily parades, away from my parents' house, which, forced us to walk an entire block to enjoy them, but; it was still a good time.

The rodeos were just as fun as they always are, the carnival sang its' siren song to the boys, and, The Teenager danced the night away with her local friends, three-out-of-three nights. Plus, we had time to take a few of her senior pictures in a town that is dear to both of our hearts, which, makes them all the more special.

It was, exhaustion aside, an awesome, relaxing, exciting, and enjoyable way to spend four days. and, I have the entire work week in which to recover from the hangover. Or, flu. Whichever.

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