Thursday, November 14, 2013

Flotsam and Jetsam

-Hugh and The Teenager have recently developed a dependency on caffeine, specifically; they have developed a hankering for a morning cup of coffee. The first time I went to the coffee pot to pour my travel cup for the drive into work and found it empty resulted in some not-very-nice words and a withdrawal headache.

-I learned quickly, and, now; I make three times as many cups as I used to. Our coffee budget has been increased, accordingly.

-The bruise on my inner thigh is the gnarliest shade of purple that I have ever seen. It's so disturbing; I want to drop my pants and make other people look at it, just to see the horrified look on their faces. I resist the temptation, of course.

-My womens' club's annual holiday festival is next Friday. Saturday, The Teenager and I are headed into Hooterville to help set up the donated trees, wreaths, centerpieces, gift baskets, and garlands at the bank that traditionally hosts us. I have finished my contribution for this year's event and am hoping that it is well-received, pictures to follow.

-The Teenager is starting to fill out scholarship applications. One of her teachers wrote her a letter of recommendation that made both The Teenager and me cry. It's one thing to think that your kid is pretty amazing; it's another thing, entirely, to have a respected professional confirm it.

-Basketball practice is well underway for the Man-Cub. I also think he is due for another growth spurt, if the amount of food that he is consuming recently is any indication (it is). Also, God bless him for not drinking my morning coffee.

-With the energy that I have recovered since starting my thyroid meds, I have been putting more effort into my daily wardrobe. Having discovered that I wear approximately 10% of the items in my closet, I challenged myself to break out of my rut and to create new and fun outfits with what I already own (since my recently increased coffee budget has cut into my clothing allowance and all). To that end, I have set a goal to not repeat an outfit for as long as possible. So far, I am on day three.

-I have 50% of my Christmas shopping finished.

-The Man-Cub and I went to Neighboring City last weekend to pick up a video game that he had pre-ordered from a game store in the mall. While we were there, we saw Santa entertaining children in his North Pole village. It was November 9th. What. The. Fuck, Santa? I mean, really; I want to be done with the majority of my shopping before Thanksgiving so that I can enjoy the events and the traditions of the season with my family without stressing over the commercialism of the season; that doesn't mean that I want to see you before Thanksgiving as well. Back to the North Pole with you!

-That is all.

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