Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Death of Black Friday, and, of Thanksgiving in General

I heard on today's news that Kmart is planning to be open for twenty-four hours, starting on Thanksgiving morning. Other stores are sure to follow. Which, means that people who usually get up well before dawn to take advantage of the sales on Black Friday; will most likely be sleeping in this year.

I hope they are thankful for those extra hours of sleep and for the deals that come early.

Actually, I hope they remember to be thankful at all, what with the whole "pissing on the tradition of gathering as a family to give thanks for one's blessings" and all.

What IS this country coming to?

As for me and mine, we will be safely ensconced in our home, enjoying good food, great company, the Macy's parade, and our own traditions, which include putting up the Christmas tree and watching the first in our extensive library of holiday classics on DVD. No crowds for us. No jockeying for position in line at the checkout counter, and, no inflated sense of achievement at having snagged the best deal on the next piece of electronic gadgetry (that will be obsolete by summer).

I actually feel sorry for the people who feel the overwhelming need to leave the warmth and safety of their homes to surf the tide of greedy consumerism; I would take a cup of hot tea and the soothing voice of Burl Ives over that noise, any day.

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  1. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Perhaps you've seen it by now, but there is a facebook thingy going around about NOT shopping on Thanksgiving. It's just sad that corporate greed has gotten to the point where traditional family holidays only mean more shopping opportunities.