Sunday, November 17, 2013

Productivity: It's My Thang

I have already accomplished a boat-load of chores this weekend; chores that have needed to be done since Jesus was a baby as well as chores that were of a more recent nature, and, the weekend isn't even over! I still have a whole day to cross the rest of the items off my "To Do" list; chores which I would have cheerfully (or, not so cheerfully) ignored just a few months ago (thank you, modern medical establishment!) but, am now tackling with gusto! It's awesome!

Here is a breakdown of the things I have finished and a bullet list of things yet to do, today (because I know your lives won't be complete until you have read all about it):

-Friday evening, after working a full day at both jobs, I spent two and a half hours chaperoning a lock-in at the High School.

-Saturday morning, The Teenager and I went to Hooterville, where we spent three hours setting up the bank for next Friday night's Festival of Trees. During that three hours, we hung up four wreaths, set up three fully decorated trees, placed numerous centerpieces, washed and dried over a hundred beer steins and even more wine glasses, ran bid sheets around the building, and gossiped with my fellow members of my service club.

-Once we were finished at the bank, The Teenager and I shopped for a number of small items at the local Target while plotting the best way to leave the channel of communication between The Teenager and the Man-Cub open once The Teenager goes to college; you know, in case he needs advice about girls or some other topic that he is too embarrassed to talk to his parents about (insert sad face, here).

-After shopping, we went to lunch. Because we deserved it.

-When I got home, I spent five hours vacuuming the upstairs living room, rearranging the furniture in that space, and, deep cleaning the entire second floor until it gleamed.

-I also attempted to clean out my hope chest, with the intention of making more room for new items. This endeavor proved to be a bust since I spent a solid hour cooing over the artwork done by both children from pre-school through elementary grades, as well as newspaper clippings, documenting my family's awesomeness, notes, cards, and letters from my offspring (who, clearly loved me with a fierce passion at some point in their childhoods, sniff), and, enough baby teeth to fill the heads of two small children (go figure). I have no earthly idea what purpose it serves to save the teeth, but, I am loathe to discard them, so; back into the chest they went, along with every other scrap of memorabilia. I may need to invest in a second hope chest. I'm sure Hugh will be thrilled.

-After I cleaned, I went to the hardware store to work on the days receipts, before returning to the house for pizza and a movie marathon with the children (Hugh was working at a weekend-long security) before falling into a deeply rewarding sleep.

Today, I plan to knock the following items off my list:

-Clean and organize my craft room, set up my holiday wrapping station.

-Wrap my out-of-town Christmas presents, box those that require postage and set aside the packages that Oscar and Emily will be transporting to Maine for the East Coast family members, later this month.

-Take photos for the annual Christmas card. Design and order said cards.

-Order The Teenager's senior pictures.

-Laundry. Tons and tons of laundry.

-Finish making a holiday garland and wreath that I started a while back.

-Take the Man-Cub on a drive.

-Grocery shopping.

-OPIcure with a new shade of OPI, recently procured from the Mariah Carey Holiday collection.

-Try out a new recipe for an Asian-inspired dish.

And, that about covers it.

You'll notice I haven't scheduled time for a nap. It's like a Christmas miracle!


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