Monday, November 04, 2013

Baby's First Court Appearance

The Teenager went to court this morning, to plead guilty to-and ask for a deferred sentence-on a speeding ticket that she received back in September. She was nervous, as would be expected, but she did great. She maintained eye contact with the judge, answered her questions in a clear voice, using a polite tone, and, when the judge asked for reasons to grant the deferred sentence; The Teenager indicated that she was ready to provide a transcript of her grades, complete with class ranking, current GPA, membership in The Honor Society, and, proof of her position as editor of the school yearbook as well as her acceptance letters from a number of colleges. She was also contrite and accepted full responsibility for the ticket, as well as promising that she would make every effort to obey the posted speed limits going forward.

The judge granted the deferred sentence and The Teenager need only stay out of trouble for six months for the infraction to be cleared from her record. Hugh and I had prepared her for a deferrment of up to a year, so; six months sounded pretty good to The Teenager.

All in all, it wasn't a bad way to break the child into her country's judicial system. I mean, I see far worse offenses on a daily basis, as does Hugh, so; we'll just count our blessings on this one and call it good.

Plus, the poor kid actually comes by her lead foot naturally; from her father's side of the family, I mean, obviously.

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