Monday, November 25, 2013

In Which We Kiss the Notion of a Relaxing Weekend Goodbye

It's a good thing I have rediscovered my energy reserves, because, if I hadn't, this weekend would have completely kicked my ass. As it is, I am a tad bit tired and looking forward to an early night tonight.

What kept me so busy? Well, let's see:

Friday, after working a full day, I headed to the bank in Hooterville to volunteer at my women's club's annual holiday fundraiser. The Teenager accompanied me and was quickly put to work at the coat check while I spent the evening selling tickets at the front door. I did get a chance to take some pictures of the venue, however.

The event was a huge success, as usual, and; every item was auctioned off at the best possible price, securing the funds necessary for our club to continue to do our work in the community.

Following the event, The Teenager and I went out for a bite of dinner before returning home to catch a few winks before driving to Neighboring City early the next morning. Our mission for the day: Christmas shopping (success!), bulk food buying (success!), and, selling some of The Teenager's old clothing to a consignment shop (really successful!).

By the time we got home, I was ready for a nap. Unfortunately, I still had a few hours to do at the hardware store as well as some housework to do and some craft projects to complete, so; no nap for me. I did, however, sleep quite well that night.

Sunday morning, I got up early to get started on laundry, a chore which is rapidly becoming my weekend nemesis.

I intended to get out on the porch to start my holiday decorating, but,the weather was fairly  dismal, with a combination of rain and snow that continued throughout the day, and it really didn't foster a holiday mood. Instead, the Man-Cub and I went for a drive in the country, ending up at an art studio where one of my friends was hosting a show featuring her pottery. Her work was lovely and quite well received, and; the weather was easily ignored while basking in the glow of her success.

When we left the art show, we did some grocery shopping before racing home to pick up The Teenager for a matinee of the new Hunger Games movie (excellent). Then, it was back home to start preparations for Thanksgiving dinner (yes, already) and to finish up the last of the laundry, freeing some space in the mudroom to set up my wrapping station. Actual present wrapping will happen later today, and, all of my out-of-town packages will be on the road to their new homes well in advance of Thanksgiving.

So, in hindsight, I really didn't accomplish all that much, but, my heavy head this morning might disagree with that.

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