Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Because This is All I Have Time For

Bullet points...

  • The Man-Cub had his first baseball game of the season this afternoon. It snowed. And then, it rained. And then it snowed. And the wind blew through it all.

  • The boys lost by many, many runs. Batting practice may be in order. Some attention to the outfield may need to be paid, as well.

  • After the game, the Man-Cub reminded me that we needed to be at the basketball team's awards night. With a covered dish. And a side salad.

  • Much like the little drummer boy of yore, I had no gift to bring. Luckily, I had a few leftovers that, when cobbled together, created the illusion of a decent contribution to the buffet table. I made the Man-Cub deliver them to the table in an effort to hide the identity of the "cook", which, failed since we live in a town of roughly 2500 people where anonymity is not exactly possible. 

  • I did manage to speak to three of the parents on my To Call list for The Teenager's graduation party, so, all was not lost.

  • I am really feeling the sacrifice of Lent this year; I miss my Diet Pepsi, and, a Cadbury Cream Egg would go down real easy right about now.

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