Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lest We Forget That Springtime in Colorado is Bi-Polar

Monday evening, I went to the Man-Cub's baseball game. Despite a steady breeze, the weather was quite mild. I did choose to watch the game from my car, but, when I got out to take pictures of the team, the sunshine warmed my face and I was fine with a light sweater.

The boys were perfectly content to play the (very long) game, not minding the fact that it went the entire seven innings (first time they hadn't been ten-run ruled in the fifth inning so far this season) in the least.

The cherry on top, of course, was the fact that they won the game by three runs.

The boys have another game this evening and my parents are making the trip over the hill to watch, so, of course the weather has taken a turn toward wet and cold. Because, I can't invite my parents to a game played in good weather, that would go against the stellar record we have going that includes sitting through snowstorms during football games and drizzling, freezing rain falling during baseball games. Indeed, I am starting to think that the only games they will ever enjoy in relative comfort will be the basketball games, given the fact that they are always played indoors.

Gah, Colorado. Gah.

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